WMUR Debate Lowlights: Don Bolduc Can’t Handle Being Faced with His Extreme Record

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Missed the WMUR debate? Check out Don Bolduc’s lowlights here:

Don Bolduc Lashes Out at Moderator When Questioned on His Record of Election Denial

After getting called out by Senator Hassan on his long record of denying election results and threatening to overturn future elections, Don Bolduc lashed out at the moderators, saying the question was “a soft ball,” then sarcastically thanking WMUR for asking it, and ending with saying voters “don’t want to talk about this.”

Someone really doesn’t like being confronted with their own record…


Senator Hassan Holds Don Bolduc Accountable For Trying and Failing to Mislead Voters About His Long Record of Election Denial 

For the third debate in a row, Don Bolduc tried and failed to hide his record of denying the 2020 election results — just days after Donald Trump called Don Bolduc a “proud election denier.”

Senator Hassan set the record straight, slamming Bolduc for spending over a year claiming the 2020 election was stolen, sowing doubts about the 2022 election results, and threatening to overturn the 2024 presidential election if his preferred candidate does not win. It’s clear: Don Bolduc is the “most extreme nominee for U.S. Senate that New Hampshire has seen in modern history.”


Don Bolduc Lies to Granite Staters About His Support for the Fair Tax Law

When pressed by WMUR about his support for the Fair Tax Law, which would increase taxes on the middle class by an average of $3,200 per year and impose a 23 percent national sales tax on all purchases — even gas, health care, and rent – Don Bolduc quickly tried to cover up his record, spewing lies and denying the existence of footage that shows Bolduc clearly supporting this tax proposal. Bolduc has backed the Fair Tax on multiple occasions, even after an interviewer explained to him that the bill would impose a national sales tax.

WMUR made clear Bolduc’s record, saying, “General Bolduc, you’ve said that you’re in favor of the Fair Tax, so how much support do you think the American people have for this plan and how would it work?”


Don Bolduc Declares He Would Oppose Home Heating Assistance

Don Bolduc made clear to Granite Staters that he would be against home heating assistance, which would make it even harder for Granite Staters to heat their homes this winter. His latest position comes as just today, Senator Hassan secured a 30 percent increase in funding for home heating assistance for New Hampshire.


Don Bolduc Cannot Name a Single World Leader 

Don Bolduc just had his Gary Johnson moment.

When asked to name a world leader he admires, Don Bolduc cannot think of a single one.

“Looking out there? World leaders that I admire…hmm….you know, the world is in such a difficult position right now…I’m not going to say I admire anybody right now. The world needs a lot of work. It is hurting. And the leaders that I see are operating at the expense of people.”



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