Republicans Just Nominated The Most Extreme, Out of Touch Senate Candidate in Modern NH History

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

From: Maggie for NH
To: Interested Parties
Date: September 14, 2022

MEMO: Republicans Just Nominated The Most Extreme, Out of Touch Senate Candidate in Modern NH History 
Don Bolduc is the most extreme nominee for Senate in modern New Hampshire history. Instead of focusing on priorities that matter to Granite Staters, he has gone all in on pushing his own radical agenda of banning abortion nationwide, ending Social Security, and decimating Medicare. If Don Bolduc were elected, he would pull our country backward and use his Senate seat to push his out of touch, extreme agenda — all at the cost of New Hampshire families.

Bolduc is an Anti-Choice Extremist and Would Vote to Ban Abortion Nationwide

New Hampshire is the most pro-choice swing state in the country, but Don Bolduc is running on an extreme, anti-choice agenda and would be a clear yes vote to ban abortion in all fifty states. He said people should “rejoice” at overturning Roe. Bolduc said that New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough, and has even supported legislation that would imprison doctors for providing care for their patients. Bolduc has left little doubt as to how committed he would be to taking away a woman’s fundamental freedom if he were elected to the Senate. He has said that he would never vote against anti-choice legislation and has spent years calling for defunding Planned Parenthood.

Bolduc is a Dangerous Extremist Who Would Overturn the 2024 Election Results

Bolduc has embraced extremist positions that are at odds with an overwhelming majority of Granite Staters. For instance, he helped spread the lie that the election in 2020 was stolen from former President Trump. Most concerningly, he has said that he would work to overturn future election results in 2024 if President Biden wins and has asserted that the military may need to play a role in overturning the results.

Bolduc has also called for repealing the 17th Amendment, taking away the right for people to elect their own Senators. He has said he is open to abolishing the FBI, and has called for defunding the Department of Homeland Security and abolishing the Department of Education.

Bolduc Would End Social Security and Decimate Medicare

Bolduc is pushing a fringe agenda to end Social Security, decimate Medicare, and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Bolduc has said that Social Security is “bankrupting” the country, and has endorsed a scheme to cut $2 trillion dollars from Social Securityraise the retirement age, and slash the Cost-of-Living Adjustment. Bolduc even admitted that he wants to end Social Security altogether, saying that Social Security was “for a different time, for a different place.” Bolduc has also called for cutting $1.2 trillion from Medicare, taking away hard-earned benefits from seniors all across the country. Bolduc also opposed allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, which would lower costs for seniors, and he would take away health care from thousands of Granite Staters by voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Bolduc Would Be a Reliable Vote for Corporate Special Interests

Bolduc has supported massive tax giveaways for Big Pharma and Big Oil, even while supporting higher taxes on New Hampshire families. He supports a $76 billion tax break for Big Pharma. He opposed suspending the gas tax to put more money back in Granite Staters’ pockets, but supports tax breaks for Big Oil companies.

Bolduc Opposed Bipartisan Legislation That Helps New Hampshire’s Economy

Bolduc has opposed bipartisan efforts that strengthen New Hampshire’s economy, demonstrating how he would be a bitter partisan if elected to the United States Senate. Bolduc opposed the bipartisan infrastructure law — even though nineteen Republican Senators voted for it. Bolduc opposed the CHIPs and Science Act — which had the support of seventeen Republican Senators. Bolduc would let America’s infrastructure crumble and allow America to fall behind China in service of his extreme, partisan agenda.


Don Bolduc’s extreme and backward-looking views do not represent New Hampshire or its people. Granite Staters don’t want a leader who would get rid of Social Security, obliterate Medicare, and vote to ban abortion nationwide. With weeks to go until the election, our campaign will be reaching voters in every community to make sure they know that Don Bolduc’s radical agenda is wrong for New Hampshire and our country.


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