NEW TV AD: Don Bolduc Would Be a Yes Vote for a Nationwide Abortion Ban

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Maggie for NH today launched “Ban” — the first TV ad of the general election — which highlights Don Bolduc’s anti-choice record and the fact that Bolduc would be a rubber stamp for a nationwide abortion ban with no exceptions.

“Don Bolduc said that Granite Staters should ‘rejoice’ when Roe was overturned — and has made clear that he would support any anti-choice legislation in the U.S. Senate,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Sydney Petersen. “Don Bolduc would be a clear yes vote for the national abortion ban Republicans are pushing and our campaign will hold him accountable for his anti-choice record from now until November.”

Watch “Ban” here:

Don Bolduc is running on an extreme, anti-choice agenda and would be a clear yes vote to ban abortion in all fifty states. He said people should “rejoice” at overturning Roe and that New Hampshire’s abortion ban — which includes criminal penalties for doctors and no exceptions for rape or incest — did not go far enough. He has even gone so far as saying that he would never vote against anti-choice legislation. Bolduc has also spent years calling for defunding Planned Parenthood. With national Republicans pushing a nationwide abortion ban, Bolduc would be a clear yes vote for their agenda.

Ban” Transcript:

Narrator: The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and Don Bolduc and anti-choice Republicans say we should “rejoice” at the ruling denying women access to abortion. The same Don Bolduc and anti-choice Republicans who support defunding Planned Parenthood. And if Don Bolduc and Congressional Republicans take control of the US Senate they would push for a nationwide ban on abortion — a ban with no exceptions. Don Bolduc and anti-choice Republicans are taking away your personal freedoms.


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