NEW VIDEO: “Republicans Against Bolduc”

Thursday, September 15, 2022

After months of attacking him as “not a serious candidate,” “dangerous,” and a “loose cannon,” the New Hampshire Republicans are now stuck with Don Bolduc as their U.S. Senate nominee.


That’s why today, Maggie for NH is releasing a new video called “Republicans Against Bolduc” that highlights all of the times Republicans have slammed Don Bolduc as fundamentally unfit to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate.


“Bolduc is clearly too dangerous and extreme to represent New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate — according to members of his own party. We’re grateful for all the New Hampshire Republicans who spent the past two years so ferociously making that argument. We agree with them — Don Bolduc is too extreme and radical to be New Hampshire’s U.S. Senator,” said Maggie for NH spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.

The video features the most unflattering lines about Bolduc from fellow Republicans. Here are a few more:

  • U.S. Senator John Cornyn: “‘I do,’ said Cornyn, who called Bolduc ‘not our best nominee.’ ‘It would be a shame to nominate somebody who can’t win in the general election,’ the Texas senator told The Daily Beast. ‘I’m afraid that would be the case for the leading candidate right now.’”

  • Chris Sununu: “Well he’s not a serious candidate. I mean, he’s really not, and if he were the GOP nominee, I have no doubt we would have a much harder time trying to hold that seat – trying to win that seat back, I should say. I don’t take him as a serious candidate, I don’t think most people do. Kind of a conspiracy-theorist type candidate.”

  • Chris Sununu: Bolduc is “the most extreme of all the candidates.”

  • Corey Lewandowski: “[Bolduc is] not a serious candidate and there is no chance, Jack, zero chance, that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will put one dime into this race if Don Bolduc is the U.S. Senate Republican nominee.”

  • Corky Messner: “Don Bolduc was essentially advocating in that show that the United States and NATO get involved in Ukraine kinetically with interdiction fires and direct fires on the Russian columns, as well as special operations on the ground. And you know, and that would be an awful escalation of this conflict […] that kind of talk is, you know, from a retired brigadier general and a U.S. Senate candidate is extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous. […] But the number one priority in this situation is to avoid an escalation into World War Three and those kinds of dangerous, irresponsible comments just cannot be tolerated. And he’s not qualified to be a U.S. senator. He should withdraw from the race.”

  • Kevin Smith: “And when I’m talking to Republican voters, here’s what I’m hearing. One, they don’t want a kind of loose cannon Republican like Don Bolduc, who shoots from the hip and has to walk statements back.”

  • Fergus Cullen, former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party: “There’s a long track record of gaffes, of questionable statements—statements that show poor judgment, poor assessment, and characteristics that would not be good in a United States senator. That damage is done. Those clips are already queued up in the Democratic ad machine, and that’s only going to get worse.”

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