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November 7, 2016 Press Release

ICYMI: Major General (Ret.) Ken Clark and Mark Lenzi: Hassan is a Good Security Fit

CONCORD – This morning, Major General (Ret.) Ken Clark, and former New Hampshire Republican Party spokesman and Russia and NATO expert Mark Lenzi – both of whom have endorsed Governor Hassan – penned an op-ed highlighting how she is the best candidate for U.S. Senate to keep New Hampshire and America safe, secure, and strong.

Click here or see below for excerpts:

… Having spent the bulk of our careers in the national security and defense fields, we believe that the best way to help defend the U.S. against new age threats such as state sponsored or terrorist group cyber attacks is to do something that only a handful of state and national candidates have even discussed, let alone supported: enact a national service plan that is aimed at youth (especially Millennials) that will provide crucial technical skills training while enhancing the long term technical defensive posture of the U.S.

… As governor, Maggie Hassan is Commander in Chief of the New Hampshire National Guard and has been a leading supporter of the New Hampshire National Guard's State Partnership Program with El Salvador, a poor country in Central America. The State Partnership Program has flourished to the point where New Hampshire Airmen from the 157th Communications Flight out of Pease Air National Guard Base have led recent efforts to train Salvadoran cyber security experts to better protect their national and defense cyber infrastructure.

Gov. Hassan is one of the strongest backers of Secretary Clinton's plans to increase the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps and to create a new National Service Reserve that will expand training opportunities for Americans in obtaining technical skills such as cyber defense tactics and computer programming that could be used to help local communities as well as international ones. In addition, the National Service Reserve will provide national and local leaders a resource of upwards of five million Americans to assist with issues such as disaster relief after a hurricane in Florida or drug addiction in Dover.

… In our work around the world and in our local communities, we have both found that Americans are at their best when assisting others – and each other. Increased National Service Programs and a reserve of the type that Gov. Hassan supports will provide a structured way for Americans to serve others and their country while acquiring vital technical skills that will increase the national security of the U.S. for generations.