Senator Maggie Hassan Launches Granite State Made Tour at Atlantic Bridge and Engineering in Candia with Senator Tammy Baldwin

Monday, October 10, 2022

In the first stop of her Granite State Made Tour, this morning Senator Maggie Hassan joined Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin to tour the facility and speak with employees at Atlantic Bridge and Engineering in Candia.

“Atlantic Bridge and Engineering is a great example of the incredible and innovative work our manufacturers are doing to make more things in New Hampshire. With Senator Tammy Baldwin, I helped develop and pass the CHIPS and Science Act to give businesses like Atlantic Bridge and Engineering the tools they need to succeed so we can bring our supply chains home, lower costs and outcompete China and the world,” said Senator Hassan.

“It was great to be in Candia visiting Atlantic Bridge and Engineering as Senator Hassan kicked off her Granite State Made Tour. She has consistently led efforts to strengthen manufacturing so that we can make more things in America. We worked together to pass and develop the historic CHIPS and Science Act, which will lower costs, strengthen our supply chains, and help us compete on the global stage. Senator Hassan has always been a strong voice in the Senate for American manufacturing and I look forward to continuing to work together once she’s re-elected this November,” said Senator Baldwin.

“I really appreciated Senators Hassan and Baldwin stopping by Atlantic Bridge and Engineering today to tour our facility and listen to the challenges we’ve faced around supply chains and workforce training. The CHIPS and Science Act that Senator Hassan helped negotiate will be a game-changer for our facility – helping us modernize our operations, invest in training new employees, and compete on the national and global stage. Senator Hassan is an advocate for manufacturers – especially for women-owned facilities like mine – and I appreciate her partnership and support to ensure Atlantic Bridge and Engineering remains a powerhouse in the region,”  said Victoria Kolenda, President and Founder of Atlantic Bridge and Engineering.

Senator Hassan has fought to secure our supply chains, advance American manufacturing, and ensure that we can make more things here in the United States. She played a critical role in developing the CHIPS and Science Act, which will lower costs, bring back jobs to our country, strengthen manufacturing, bolster national security, and ensure that our country can outcompete the Chinese government. And she successfully worked to double the federal research and development tax credit, building on her work as Governor to double and make permanent the state R&D tax credit.


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