Maggie for NH Announces 300 Members of “Veterans for Maggie”

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Maggie for NH today announced 300 members of “Veterans for Maggie” from across New Hampshire, underscoring Senator Maggie Hassan’s commitment to ensuring that veterans, service members, and their families receive the support that they need and have earned.

In August, Senator Hassan held an event at Sweeney Post #2 in Manchester with New Hampshire veterans and members of the Senator’s Veterans for Maggie Leadership Council, where she outlined her bipartisan work to support veterans as a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

“I am honored to receive the support of 300 veterans across New Hampshire, all of whom have sacrificed bravely in defense of our freedoms and have made our state and country stronger – both before and after their service,” Senator Hassan said. “While we can never fully repay the debt that we owe to veterans, we all have an obligation to try. As an American and the daughter of a WWII veteran, I take that obligation seriously, and it’s why I am committed to working across the aisle to honor and support all those who serve.”

“The Senator has a clear record of delivering tangible results for New Hampshire’s veterans, and as a result, it was a no-brainer to support her for re-election. Senator Hassan is a true leader on veterans issues, and we need to ensure that she can return to the Senate to continue this vital work,” said Mike Lopez, Army veteran.  

“Senator Hassan has been a powerful advocate for veterans like me – from expanding access to health care to improving programs that help our transition to civilian life. I’m proud to support the Senator’s reelection because I know she’ll continue to stand by the veterans community,” said Gloria Timmons, Army veteran.

As a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Senator Hassan passed into law critical bipartisan legislation to improve benefits for service members and veterans, strengthen VA services, and expand veterans’ access to health care, including mental health care. Most recently, she worked to pass into law her bipartisan legislation to help veterans more easily transition into civilian life. Senator Hassan also worked with Republicans to pass comprehensive legislation, which is now law, to expand VA health care to more veterans exposed to toxic substances during their service.

The Senator has consistently supported pay raises for US troops and fought for passage of the “Forever GI Bill” to expand educational opportunities for veterans. And she successfully pushed the Biden administration to ensure that more service members can use the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Additionally, Senator Hassan led the successful bipartisan push to return the POW/MIA Flag atop of the White House – a priority that Granite State veterans raised with her.

See the full list:

Micah Bachner of Berlin, Army
Jim Roberge of Antrim, Army
Thomas W. Adams of Exeter, Air Force
James Alcauskas of Manchester, Navy
John Archambault of Londonderry, Navy
William Baber of Dover, Navy
Thomas Barry of Nashua, Army
William Bennett of Wolfeboro, Army
Skip Berrien of Exeter, Army
Aaron Blais of Hampton, Army
Roger Bleau of Manchester, Army
Will Boc of Dover, Army
David Borden of New Castle, Army
Alfred Bouchard of Nashua, Army
Joel Bourassa of Bartlett, Coast Guard
Richard Arthur Bradbury of Dover, Army
Paul Brodzinski of Rochester, Air Force
Miriam Cahill-Yeaton of Epsom, Air Force
Keith Calderone of Dover, Air Force
Patrick Cassidy of Londonderry, Army National Guard
John Michael Cauble of Bedford, Army
Scott Chase of Keene, Navy
Rickie P Chase of Manchester, Army
Dana Christian of Rye, Marine Corps
Ken Clark of Stratham, Air Force
Rebecca Clough of Keene, Air Force
Peter Coffin of Kingston, Navy
Bruce Consaul of North Conway, Air Force
Michael Copeland of Derry, Army
Albert Davenport of Bedford, Army
Francis DeFeo of Conway, Air Force
Gary Desmarais of Rochester, Air Force
Richard Dipentima of Portsmouth, Air Force
Arthur Ducharme of Greenfield, Air Force
Kevin Joseph Dumont of Dover, Army
Richard Edwards of Milford, Air Force
Stephen Enroth of North Sutton, Army
James C Forrest of Franconia, Navy
Cathleen Fountain of Dalton, Navy
Kevin K Frewert of Bedford, Air Force
Ronald Geoffroy of Auburn, Air Force
Ralph L Gero of Dover, Army
Roland Gionet of Manchester, Air Force
Brendan Gnall of Dover, Marine Corps
Robert Gober of Derry, Army
William Gould of New Boston, Navy
Richard Goulet of Goffstown, Air Force
James Graham of Rochester, Air force
Jim Green of Londonderry, Army
Robert Grimley of Newport, Air Force
William Kent Hackmann of Andover, Army
Robert Hannan of Dover, Air Force
Bill Hatch of Gorham, Air Force
Maureen Heard of Derry, Coast GuardAir Force
Frank Heffron of Exeter, Army
Ned Helms of Concord, Army
Ralph Hough of Grantham, Army
Florence Gale Howard of Dover, Army
Anthony Induisi of Dover, Navy
Lionel Ingram of Exeter, Army
Homer Johnson of North Hampton, Army
David A Kalway of Dover, Navy
James Kearns of Hudson, Air Force
Daniel W Kelley of Stratham, Navy
David Kerr of Barnstead, Army
Harvey Keye of Nashua, Army
Merton King of Hooksett, Army
Walter King of Dover, Army
Richard Lak of Dover, Marine Corps
Raymond Lakeman of Laconia, Navy
Orlando Lamarco Sr. of Rochester, Air Force
Robert C. Lamb of Holderness, Army
Lawrence Lapierre of Rochester, Navy
Robert D. LeClair of Manchester, Marine Corps
Vincent Lembo of Hooksett, Navy
Roger Lessard of Greenfield, Army National Guard
Mike Lopez of Manchester, Army
Joe Magruder of Concord, Navy
Carl Martland of Sugar Hill, Army
Ian Mayers of Manchester, Army
Ed McCabe of Dover, Army
James McGaffigan of Litchfield, Army
Matthew McLaughlin of Bedford, Navy
Michael Harvey Mone of Dover, Army
Walter T Monson of Manchester, Army
Marie Morgan of Goffstown, Air Force
James Myers of Hudson, Navy
Rick Ouellette of Nashua, Air Force
Earl J Parent of Dover, Army
Ray Parker of Rochester, Army
Norman Patenaude of Portsmouth, Army
David Perkins of Amherst, Army
Kenneth Perry of Rollinsford, Army
Pat Pickford of Nottingham, Army Airborne
Roderick Pimentel of Henniker, Marine Corps
James Poplin of Jaffrey, Air Force
Gene Porter of Rochester, Army
George Proulx of Auburn, Army National Guard
Dan Proulx of Nashua, Marine Corps
Kenneth Putney of Derry, Navy
Don Rankin of Wilton, Army
Stephen Rasche of Canterbury, Army
David Robinson of North Conway, Navy
Stillman Rogers of Richmond, Army
Purnell Ross, Jr. of Dover, Air Force
Charleen Salazar of Manchester, Army
Val Scarborough of Plymouth, Marine Corps
Peter Schmidt of Dover, Marine Corps
John D Seney of Manchester, Marine Corps
Bill Shaheen of Madbury, Army
Gil Shattuck of Hillsborough, Navy
Steve Shurtleff of Concord, Army
Tim Siekmann of Londonderry, Marine Corps
Jacquelyn Silvani of Newfields, Navy
Kent Smith of Derry, Navy
Stanley Solomon of Albany, Army
Roland Soucy of Manchester, Navy
Karl Stamm of Hudson, Army
David Steelman of Manchester, Army
R. James Steiner of Concord, Army
John Stiles of Nashua, Navy
Jean Stimmell of Northwood, Navy
Phil Stockwell of Warner, Navy
Peter J Sullivan of Kingston, Navy
Trish Tidd of Kingston, Army National Guard
Shaw Tilton of Kingston, Army
Gloria Timmons of Nashua, Army
Dan Toomey of Nashua, Air Force
Brian Vawter of Dover, Navy
Peter Vellis of Bedford, Navy
Paul White of Atkinson, Army
Stephen Woodcock of Conway, Army
Joseph Wozniak of Hudson, Air Force
Donald Yemma of East Kingston, Navy
Michael Atkins of Lyndeborough, Army
Peter Bruce Bowman of Greenland, Navy
Louis Bruno of Londonderry, Army
Richard Bruno of Goffstown, Army
Thomas Burton of Londonderry, Navy
Wayne Burton of Durham, Army
Dennis Derrald Ciotti of Dover, Army
Jason Cipriano of Hampstead, Navy
Jared Colvert of Lebanon, Army
Elvio Delise of Londonderry, Navy
Charles Depuy of Lebanon, Army
John Duffin of Hampton, Marine Corps
Patrick Duffy of Manchester, Air Force
H. Wilson Eaves of Exeter, Army
Mike Edgar of Hampton, Navy
Jesse Elliot of Brentwood, Navy
Steve Emmond of Rochester, Navy, Air Force
John Fitzgerald of Bedford, Navy
Mark W Flint of Weare, Navy
Robert Fletcher Fredette of Dover, Army
Raymond Harmacinski of Salem, Navy
James E Higgins of Manchester, Army
Christopher Howard of Hudson, Air Force
Jaca A Hussey of Rochester, Army
John W. Jones of North Sutton, Special Forces
Susan Lynn Kane of Francestown, Air Force
Richard Keating of Goffstown, Army
Paul Knight of Rochester, Marine Corps
Hon. John Knowles of Hudson, Army
Richard John Lapierre of Rochester, Air Force
Robin Larson of Londonderry, Navy
Richard McDonough of Manchester, Army
William McQuade of Manchester, Army
John Morakis of Manchester, Army
David O’Connor of Rochester, Navy
Sean Edward O’Reilly of Exeter, Army
Rep Dick Osborne of Campton, Navy
Judy A Osgood of Somersworth, Coast Guard
Chuck Rossier of Merrimack, Air Force
Virginia Rutledge of Rochester, Navy
Daniel Shaheen of Dover, Army
Michael Sills of Bedford, Army
Lewis Silverman of Bedford, Air Force
Gerald Slagle of Gilmanton, Army
Roy Smith of Manchester, Army
Steve Soule of Manchester, Navy
Scott Swanson of Auburn, Coast Guard
Maurice Thibaudeau of Manchester, Navy
Gareth Vincent of Hudson, Army
Paul Walker of Meredith, Army
Douglas H Whitbeck of Mason, Army
Melvin Whitmyer of Greenland, Marine Corps
Janyce Bouchard of Nashua, Air Force
David Huot of Bedford, Navy
Otis E Perry of Dover, Army
William Bordy of Nashua, Army
Josh Denton of Portsmouth, Army
George E Wormstead of Dover, Army
Alan Baker of Columbia, Air Force
Dennis Louis Thibeault of Merrimack, Army
Robert Wachenfeld of Greenfield, Navy
Mary Ann Grant of Greenfield, Navy
Ron King of Concord, Air Force
Donald Winslow of Greenfield, Air Force
Ronald Boisvert of Manchester, Marine Corps
Paul Sorli of Portsmouth, Air Force
Roy Arsenault of Londonderry, Air Force
George Bisson of Hooksett, Air Force
Andre J Boudreau of Manchester, Air Force
Kathryn Braun of Fremont, Army
Patrick Cyr of Rochester, Air Force
Davis Farmer of East Kingston, Coast Guard
Susan Ruth Frewert of Bedford, Air Force
Paul Goodwin of Dover, Army
Richard Guilbert of Manchester, Army
Robert Healy Harrington of Dover, Navy
David Houle of Manchester, Air Force
Dale Knapschaefer of Manchester, Navy
James Kowalsky Sr. of Fitzwilliam, Army
Paul Lalos of Manchester, Army
Thomas Larochelle of Manchester, Army
Ellen P. Madigan of Derry, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Wayne L. Newland of Somersworth, Army
Robert John Pustell of Ossipee, Air Force
Edmund Sieper of Manchester, Marine Corps
Thomas Thibeault of Hooksett, Army
John Tilton of New Hampton, Army
Bartlett B. Wetherbee of Derry, Army
Donald Auger of Manchester, Army, National Guard
Gary Bartis of Manchester, Army
Roland Albert Beauregard of Weare, Navy
Theodore Lee Blackburn of Weare, Air Force
Lloyd Edgar Butt of Londonderry, Army
Merin Chamberlain of Manchester, Air Force
Eric Chaya of Nashua, Air Force
Ronald Cheney of Francestown, Army
Stanley Eaton of Hudson, Army
Maurice Gagnon of Manchester, Army
Donna Gagnon of Manchester, Army
Edward Gillick of Londonderry, Air Force
Douglas A. Hall of Weare, Navy
John Hoffman of Sullivan, Army
Frederick Horne of Epping, Marine Corps
Ronald Jablonowski of Londonderry, Navy
Douglas Knight of Dover, Navy
John Lamson of Newington, Army
Michael Martinet of Londonderry, Navy
Michael McBride of Rochester, Air Force
Carl Metz of Londonderry, Marine Corps
Raymond R. Murphy of Manchester, Air Force
John Naples of Rochester, Navy
Brian Osborn of Rochester, Army
Paul Pied of Hudson, Army
Richard Stockbridge of Londonderry, Marine Corps
Thomas Trigilio of Londonderry, Air Force
Alysha Dawn Turcotte of Rochester, Army
Todd Warfield of Rochester, Navy
Patricia Jane Whitney of Dover, Air National Guard
Paul Michael Wisminiti of Rochester, Army
Stanley Zabierek of New Ipswich, Air Force
John Mitchell of Manchester, Marine Corps
Cynthia Lora Chase of Keene, Navy
John William Coyne of Barrington, Navy
Donna Marie Deck of Derry, Air Force
Frank DeLuca of Hampton, Army
Clifford R. Dempster of Orford, Army
Raymond Dionne of Hudson, Navy
Dave Hennessey of Pelham, Army
Robert C. Jones of Meredith, Navy
Patricia Kelley of Greenland, Coast Guard
Charlene Lovett of Claremont, Army
Patricia Martin of Rindge, Air Force
Lynn Morse of Stratham, Army
Janice Elaine Oskar of Exeter, Air Force
John Poltrack of New Ipswich, Navy
Jim Serrell of Kingston, Navy
Cullen Tiernan of Derry, Marine Corps
Ronald Boisvert of Manchester, Marine Corps
Charles E Cametti of Manchester, Navy
Christopher Cavalieri of Manchester, Air Force
Jason Todd Corley of Dover, Navy
Gerald DiGrezio of Dover, Army
Peter Duffy of Manchester, Army
Ray Steven Gilmore of Bartlett, Army
Ben Keeler of Epping, Air National Guard
Lawrence Shamer of Manchester, Army
Maura Sullivan of Portsmouth, Marine Corps
Fred Walsh of Londonderry, Air Force
Sean Braunstein of Hooksett, Army
Pat Clark of Tilton, Army
John Flewelling of Manchester, Navy
Peter Flood of Merrimack, Army
Ken Latchaw of Newington, Navy
Scott Ringer of Laconia, Army
David Sandmann of Stratham, Navy
James Snarski of Manchester, Army
Richard Spence of Dover, Army
Steve Emmond of Rochester, Air Force
Ned Raynolds of Portsmouth, Coast Guard
Walter Carino of Brookline, Air Force
Jed Carpentier of Exeter, Marine Corps
Terry Shumaker of Concord, Army
Richard St. Pierre of Concord, Air National Guard
David Taylor of New Castle, Navy
Ronald Lykins of Rochester, Navy
Charlie Mooskian of Pelham, Navy


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