NEW NUMBERS: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Negotiated by Senator Hassan is Delivering Real Results for NH and Lowering Costs for Granite Staters

Saturday, August 6, 2022

In case you missed it, the White House released new numbers today showing how the bipartisan infrastructure law, which Senator Hassan helped negotiate, is delivering real results for New Hampshire and lowering costs for Granite Staters.

Senator Hassan worked with Republicans to get the infrastructure bill signed into law last November. The law is providing critical direct savings for Granite Staters, including cutting internet bills for more than 21,000 households in the state and sending $18 million to New Hampshire to improve energy efficiency – which can help families save an average of $372 a year.

To date, we can already see the impact that this law is having on New Hampshire, with the following investments already announced to help improve our infrastructure – and in turn, lower costs, strengthen our economy, and support public safety:

  • $220 million to repair our roads and highways

  • $45 million to repair our bridges

  • $13 million for airports and $1.6 million for the Portsmouth Harbor

  • $72 million for clean water, including $28 million for lead pipe and service line replacement

  • $24 million to improve public transportation options across the state

Senator Hassan was a key negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure law — which continues to deliver investments to repair New Hampshire’s roads and 215 red-listed bridges and expand high-speed internet to every community — securing more funding per capita for New Hampshire than states such as Massachusetts, California, and New York.

To read the White House’s fact sheet on how the bipartisan infrastructure law is delivering for New Hampshire, click here.


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