ICYMI: Stephen Colbert Slams Don Bolduc For Trying to Cover Up His Record of Election Denial

Friday, September 16, 2022

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert mocked Don Bolduc — who he called one of “the kookiest, zaniest, conspiracy wackos” — for “desperately hedging” in an attempt to cover up his long record of election denial. Colbert played a clip from just a few weeks ago of Bolduc proudly touting his claims that the election was stolen, followed by a clip of Bolduc yesterday morning saying he now believes Joe Biden is the president – with Colbert saying “normally to see that much backpedaling you have to see the Tour de France on rewind.”


Full Transcript: 
Stephen Colbert: The primaries for 2022 are finally over, and with control of the Senate up for grabs, Republican voters played it safe and nominated the kookiest, zaniest, conspiracy wackos this side of nutso Banana Junction. For instance, New Hampshire Republican and man demanding you salute his belt, Don Bolduc. Bolduc is so MAGA crazy, even New Hampshire’s Republican governor described him as a “conspiracy theorist extremist.” Bolduc is polling behind his moderate Democratic opponent, which could be why Bolduc went on TV today, and when confronted with what he said in the primaries did this:

Dana Perino: And there is this from August 14th when you had a debate watch here.

Bolduc: I signed a letter with 120 other generals and admirals saying that Trump won the election and dammit, I stand by my words.

Perino: Do you stand by that today?

Bolduc: So, you know, we we we, you know, live and learn, right?

Colbert: So, so we, you know, we, we, we, weeoh aweem away, weeoh aweem away, [singing] weeoh aweem away, in New Hampshire, the newest Hampshire, the lion sleeps tonight…I’m sorry, Bolduc. I interrupted. You were desperately hedging?

Bolduc: And I’ve done a lot of research on this, and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks talking to Granite Staters all over the state from, you know, every party and I have come to the conclusion and I want to be definitive on this, the election was not stolen.

Colbert:  Wow. Normally to see that much backpedaling, you have to watch the Tour de France on rewind.


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