From “Live and Learn” to “Get Over It”: Don Bolduc Stumbles Into the General Election

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

To say that Don Bolduc had a rocky start to his first week in the general election would be an understatement. Bolduc started off the week by trying and miserably failing to mislead voters about his record of denying the results of the 2020 election. Then, after getting roasted by everyone — including Stephen Colbert — for blatantly trying to hide his record, Don Bolduc capped off the week with a disastrous interview on WMUR, where he told New Hampshire women to “get over” the potential for a nationwide abortion ban.

Lowlights on Bolduc’s misleading claims to cover up his record denying the results of the 2020 election: 

  • CNN: The astounding flip-flop of an election denier

  • CNN: New Hampshire GOP Senate nominee abruptly backs off false 2020 election claims

  • MSNBC: Election denier claims to have seen the light about the Big Lie

  • New York Times: Right After Primary Win, Bolduc Reverses Support for Election Lies

  • Fox News: New Hampshire’s Bolduc backtracks on statements 2020 election was stolen ahead of midterms

  • NHPR: Bolduc abandons false claims of stolen election, days after GOP Senate primary win

  • Rolling Stone: Republican Does 180 on Stolen Election Days After Winning Primary

  • The American Independent: 2 days after winning GOP primary, election denier Don Bolduc now says Biden won in 2020

Lowlights on Bolduc telling NH women to “get over” concerns about a nationwide abortion ban: 

  • Boston Globe: On abortion, NH Republican Senate challenger has a message: ‘Get over it’

  • HuffPost: New Hampshire GOP Senate Nominee Don Bolduc On Abortion: ‘Get Over It’

  • WMUR: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc on Sen. Maggie Hassan’s abortion focus: ‘Get over it’

  • Jezebel: Republican Senate Nominee on Abortion: ‘Get Over It’

  • Washington Post: Post Politics Now: On Our Radar: In N.H., Hassan Seizes On Bolduc Comments, Tries To Keep Focus On Abortion Issue

  • Politico Playbook: One way not to pivot


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