Don Bolduc on Social Security: “It’s Been There Since 1935, It’s Time For Change”

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Don Bolduc doubled down today on his support for ending Social Security, saying in a disastrous interview with Fox News that Social Security has “been there since 1935, it’s time for change.”

Don’t believe us? Watch the clip for yourself:

It’s just the latest example of Bolduc supporting ending Social Security and Medicare. On Thursday, Politico revealed that Don Bolduc told supporters during a town hall in Pembroke in August that he supports ending Medicare as we know it. Bolduc has previously promised to ensure that “we no longer have Social Security” and backed cutting “$2 trillion from Social Security.” He has said that Social Security was “for a different time, for a different place.” and is “bankrupting” the country. Bolduc has also endorsed a scheme to raise the retirement ageslash the Cost-of-Living Adjustment — and cutting $1.2 trillion from Medicare.


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