Protecting Social Security and Medicare

New Hampshire’s seniors deserve a high quality of life with access to the full benefits that they have earned, and Governor Maggie Hassan will always fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. Maggie believes we must strengthen and protect these programs for years to come, and she won’t let special interests prey on our seniors’ hard-earned benefits.

Maggie has a proven record of supporting seniors in New Hampshire. As Governor, Maggie signed a law that strengthened protections for seniors by making financial exploitation of elderly, disabled or impaired adults a criminal offense and another law requiring the state to develop an educational program on Alzheimer’s disease and provide training to law enforcement on Alzheimer’s. She also signed into law a seniors bill of rights, and required it to be posted in housing establishments for the elderly. And Maggie signed the CARE Act, which improves patient care and supports caregivers who help make it possible for seniors to live independently at home. In 2015 the AARP honored Maggie as a Capitol Caregiver for her efforts.

As Senator, Maggie will stand up to those trying to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and she will fight any attempt to privatize or cut Social Security. She will also work to enhance Social Security by ensuring that caregivers can get credit toward their Social Security benefits when they take time off or reduce working hours to care for family members.