Fixing the Campaign Finance System

Governor Maggie Hassan knows that we must stand up to special interests and take action to ensure that money does not control our politics. Maggie has fought to undo the damage caused by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which helped blow open the door to unlimited dark money in politics. As a State Senator she supported disclosure legislation, and as Governor she was proud to sign SB 120, a common-sense, bipartisan measure to strengthen reporting requirements for political committees in New Hampshire that was strongly opposed by dark money groups like the Koch Brothers’ Americans For Prosperity.

In the U.S. Senate, Maggie will support campaign finance reform efforts to increase transparency in our elections and reduce the influence of money in politics — including measures such as the Government by the People Act and the Fair Elections Now Act that would create a system of voluntary public financing for federal candidates. And she will fight for a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

In order to rein in outside spending and reduce the influence of money in politics, Maggie proposed a strengthened New Hampshire People’s Pledge, which would help stop third party advertisements and limit campaign spending for both candidates in the 2016 Senate campaign.