Campaign Updates

August 1, 2016 Press Release

State of the Race: With Less Than 100 Days To Go, Maggie Hassan Well-Positioned For November

From: Aaron Jacobs, Maggie for NH Communications Director
To: Interested Parties
Date: August 1, 2016
Subject: State of the Race: With Less Than 100 Days To Go, Maggie Hassan Well-Positioned For November

With less than 100 days until Election Day, the contrast could not be more clear between Maggie Hassan’s bipartisan problem solving that’s getting results for New Hampshire’s families and small businesses and Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record of putting her political party and corporate special interests first. And over the final months, Maggie for NH is well-positioned to communicate the clear choice in this election with New Hampshire voters.

State of the Race

Despite the fact that Kelly Ayotte’s Washington special interest backers have already spent over $15 million to try to prop up Ayotte’s shaky campaign, the race is a dead heat with Maggie leading in recent public polling.

For the first time in a WMUR/UNH poll, Maggie led head-to-head in July’s Granite State Poll. The poll had Maggie up 45-42, with the lead growing to 46-37 with undeclared voters. And Maggie’s favorability continues to be strong at 48/35 (+13), while Ayotte’s favorability is at 42/40 (+2), the lowest it’s been since Ayotte began running for her first term in 2009.

Over the past weeks, Maggie also participated in a number of New Hampshire Democratic coordinated campaign “New Hampshire Together” regional office openings. So far, the New Hampshire Democratic coordinated campaign has 10 regional offices and staff in every corner of the state. Meanwhile, the AP reported on the New Hampshire Republicans’ lack of ground game, with national party committeeman Steve Duprey admitting things are “slower being implemented than we first would have hoped.”

In the second quarter of 2016, Maggie for NH also “substantially outraised” Ayotte’s campaign — bringing in $3.2 million to Ayotte’s $2.5 million. Maggie for NH has also cut Ayotte’s cash-on-hand advantage by nearly half since Maggie entered the race. Notably last quarter, Ayotte’s burn rate was 94% and her campaign banked only $100,000.

While the U.S. Senate is Gridlocked, Governor Hassan is Getting Results

This year, Kelly Ayotte’s Republican-led Senate is on track to work the fewest days in 60 years. Ayotte and her fellow Senators recently left Washington for a seven week recess, with the Republican leadership failing to take action to combat Zika, not passing appropriations measures to keep the government open and continuing their unprecedented obstruction of the Supreme Court confirmation process.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Governor Maggie Hassan has worked across the aisle to get results for hard-working Granite State families. This year alone, the Governor worked with members of both parties to reauthorize New Hampshire’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan, signed a ten-year transportation plan to fix our highways, roads and bridges, and signed most of the measures she proposed into law as part of her comprehensive plan to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic — including establishing a statewide drug court program and securing an additional $5 million for substance abuse treatment, prevention, recovery and housing.

And under the Governor’s leadership, New Hampshire’s economy continues to strengthen. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country and CNBC recently ranked New Hampshire as the best state in the nation for business friendliness.

Maggie Hassan’s commitment to bipartisan problem solving is exactly what voters want to see in Washington, not Kelly Ayotte and Senate Republicans’ partisan obstruction and gridlock.

Ayotte’s Bridgepoint Education Scandal

Kelly Ayotte continues to take heat for her connections to Bridgepoint Education, a shady “Trump Style” for-profit university that preys on veterans, single parents and the elderly.

Ayotte not only accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from Bridgepoint Education’s PAC and the Wall Street firm that backs Bridgepoint, but she also tried to mislead the public about her knowledge of the company’s predatory practices. Moreover, Ayotte even wrote a letter thanking Bridgepoint – a company that preys on veterans – for their campaign contributions and pledged to remain committed to their shared beliefs.

While Ayotte has tried to cover up her connections to Bridgepoint, it’s clear that she has voted in favor of their shared priorities. In 2016, Ayotte voted against a consumer protection measure that would have helped protect servicemembers from the predatory practices of for-profit schools. Ayotte has also voted to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is one of the numerous federal and state agencies currently investigating Bridgepoint for its shady practices.

Ayotte’s connections to Bridgepoint show just how far she is willing to go to put her corporate special interest backers ahead of New Hampshire families. Granite Staters have had enough of corporate special interests rigging the system for themselves and against students, veterans and families, and it is clear that Senator Ayotte is part of the problem.

Ayotte Can’t Run Away From Her Support of Donald Trump

Despite the judgement of national security and foreign policy experts from both parties about the danger Donald Trump poses to our vital interests, Ayotte has made clear that she continues to support him for President — putting her political party before country.

From his plea to Vladimir Putin to commit cyber attacks against the United States, to his threats to abandon NATO and his personal attacks against a Gold Star family, Donald Trump has reinforced every day just how unfit he is to serve as Commander-in-Chief. Ayotte’s continued support for Trump raises serious concerns about her judgment.

While Ayotte’s support for Trump is deeply troubling, it’s hardly surprising considering Trump and Ayotte stand together on a core agenda that would pull New Hampshire backward, including defunding Planned Parenthood, overturning Roe v. Wade and obstructing the Supreme Court confirmation process. It is clear that the Trump-Ayotte agenda is completely out of step with the priorities of Granite Staters.

The Bottom Line: With less than 100 days left until the election, Maggie Hassan is well-positioned for November. Despite millions in attacks from Kelly Ayotte’s special interest backers, Maggie’s standing among voters continues to be strong because Granite Staters see that her bipartisan approach is working for New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte has proven time and again that she puts her political party and corporate special interests backers first. In the United States Senate, Maggie Hassan will fight to ensure that Washington does better for all of New Hampshire’s families and small businesses.