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August 2, 2016 Press Release

RELEASE: Governor Maggie Hassan Unveils Plan to Protect Students and Veterans from Predatory For-Profit Colleges and Universities

CONCORD – Today, Governor Maggie Hassan announced a plan outlining the policies she will focus on as a United States Senator to protect students and veterans from predatory for-profit colleges and universities.

“It is unacceptable that shady for-profit colleges and universities continue to target our students and veterans, and the steps outlined in this plan will help crack down on these predatory practices,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “In the Senate, I will always work to stand up for our students, servicemembers and veterans to ensure that they have access to a quality, affordable higher education.”

As Governor, Maggie has fought to make college more affordable for students and families while building a 21st century workforce pipeline for our businesses. Under Maggie’s leadership, New Hampshire froze in-state tuition at our universities for the first time in 25 years and reduced tuition at community colleges. Maggie’s Innovate NH 2.0 economic plan also lays out steps Maggie believes we should take at the federal level to hold down the cost of higher education and reduce the burden of student loan debt.

Unfortunately, predatory for-profit colleges and universities threaten to undermine these efforts to expand opportunity in higher education. This plan will protect students, servicemembers and veterans by closing loopholes and prohibiting deceptive practices, increasing transparency and holding for-profit schools accountable for their bad acts, preventing schools from loading up students with unmanageable debt, allowing students to escape from burdensome private institutional loans, and maintaining a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help thoroughly investigate shady for-profit universities.

While Governor Hassan is committed to cracking down on predatory for-profit universities that target veterans, Senator Ayotte accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from a “Trump-Style” for-profit university, Bridgepoint Education, while pledging in a letter that she would “stand up for the beliefs” that she and Bridgepoint share, “no matter how difficult the political climate.”

Some of those priorities that Ayotte and Bridgepoint share seem to be Ayotte’s vote against a consumer protection measure that would have helped protect veterans from predatory for-profit universities and her effots to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one of the numerous state and federal agencies currently investigating Bridgepoint. Ayotte also put forward a sham student loan bill that’s been called a “sweetheart deal for private-sector lenders” like Bridgepoint Education and their Wall Street backers.

“My plan outlines common-sense steps that will stop predatory for-profit universities from taking advantage of our students for their own financial gain, and I will work with members of both parties to move forward on these priorities,” added Governor Hassan.

Read the full plan here.