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August 19, 2016 Press Release

RELEASE: Governor Maggie Hassan Outlines Agenda to Bring Granite State Fiscal Responsibility to Washington

CONCORD – During her appearance on NH1’s Fiscal Fridays, Governor Maggie Hassan outlined her priorities for bringing the fiscal responsibility that she’s demonstrated as Governor to the United States Senate. Fiscal Fridays is a project of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, The Concord Coalition and NH1 to give Granite State voters the opportunity to hear candidates for federal office discuss their views on fiscal policy in detail.

“One of my top priorities as Governor has been ensuring fiscal responsibility, working across party lines to balance the budget without a sales tax, protect the state’s bond rating, and more than double the state’s Rainy Day Fund,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “In the Senate, I will take the same fiscally responsible approach that’s working in New Hampshire to help get our nation’s fiscal house in order, cut the deficit, reduce the national debt and support priorities that promote innovative economic growth.”

Under Governor Hassan’s leadership, New Hampshire has enacted two fiscally responsible, balanced budgets that support critical economic priorities while holding the line against an income or sales tax. The Governor has improved efficiency and innovation in state government and taken steps to save taxpayers money. The Governor’s careful management of the state budget – coupled with a strengthening economy – helped ensure a $62-million-dollar budget last fiscal year, with this year’s surplus expected to be even greater. New Hampshire’s Rainy Day Fund, which has more than doubled under Governor Hassan’s leadership, is now on track to be filled by the end of the biennium for the first time in recent history. And Governor Hassan led by example, cutting her salary below her predecessor’s when she entered office and refusing pay increases throughout her time in office.

For too long, corporate special interests have stacked the deck in Washington in their favor and against both fiscal responsibility and the middle class. Governor Hassan will stand up to these special interests to cut the deficit and reduce the national debt while supporting priorities to help spur economic growth.

In order to bring the Granite State’s fiscal responsibility to Washington, Governor Hassan will focus on: (1) enacting common-sense reforms to the budget process, (2) cutting wasteful spending, (3) making smart, data-driven decisions, (4) strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and (5) supporting priorities that promote economic growth.

Read the full plan here.