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October 23, 2015 Press Release

RELEASE: Governor Maggie Hassan Continues To Be A Champion For The Environment, While Kelly Ayotte’s Record On The Environment Is Worse Than Scott Brown’s

Maggie Urges New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation To Support The Clean Power Plan

Concord, N.H. – Continuing her efforts to combat climate change and protect New Hampshire’s environment for years to come, Governor Maggie Hassan is calling on New Hampshire’s congressional delegation to support the proposed Clean Power Plan.

In a letter yesterday, Maggie urged the delegation to do “whatever is in your power” to support the Clean Power Plan. The Associated Press noted that Kelly Ayotte “has not taken a position on the proposal.” Moreover, Ayotte has shown time and again in Washington that she sides with corporate special interests at the expense of New Hampshire’s natural resources.

Ayotte has voted multiple times to protect tax breaks for Big Oil, while voting to block the Environmental Protection Agency from ever having the ability to reduce greenhouse gases and earning a lifetime score of 23% from the League of Conservation Voters – even worse than Scott Brown’s lifetime score of 38%.

“From sponsoring New Hampshire’s original Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and helping pass the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard in the State Senate, to signing legislation to strengthen those efforts and establish a long-term Energy Strategy as Governor, Maggie Hassan has always been a strong champion for New Hampshire’s environment,” said Campaign Communications Director Aaron Jacobs. “Meanwhile in Washington, Kelly Ayotte has sided with corporate special interests over New Hampshire’s environment, fighting to protect tax breaks for Big Oil while voting to block the EPA from ever having the ability to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The fact that Kelly Ayotte’s lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters is even worse than Big Oil favorite Scott Brown should be extremely concerning for everyone working to protect New Hampshire’s people, environment, and economic future,” added Jacobs.

See below for the facts on Kelly Ayotte’s record on the environment:

Ayotte’s Lifetime Score of 23% from LCV Is Worse Than Scott Brown’s Lifetime Score of 38%. On its national environmental scorecard, the League of Conservation Voters gives Kelly Ayotte a lifetime score of 23%. Scott Brown received 38% on the same scorecard. [LCV Ayotte Scorecard, Accessed 10/22/15; LCV Brown Scorecard, Accessed 10/22/15]

Ayotte Voted To “To Permanently Block The EPA From Reducing Greenhouse Gases Under The Clean Air Act.” In 2011, Ayotte supported an amendment that the League of Conservation Voters described would “repeal the scientific finding by the EPA that greenhouse gases endanger human health and the environment” and “permanently block the EPA from reducing greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, and to undermine fuel economy standards.” [LCV, Accessed 10/22/15]

Ayotte Has Voted With The Koch Brothers’ Americans For Prosperity Nearly 90% Of The Time, Including 94% Of The Time On Environmental Issues. The Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity gives Kelly Ayotte a lifetime score of 88% on its voting scorecard. Ayotte has voted with the group 94% of the time on energy and the environment. [AFP Ayotte Scorecard, Accessed 10/22/15]

Ayotte Signed Pledge From The Koch Brothers’ Americans For Prosperity To Vote Against “Any Legislation on Climate Change.” According to the New Republic, Ayotte “once pledged to Americans for Prosperity—the Koch brothers’ main political arm—that she would vote against any legislation on climate change.” [The New Republic, 2/5/15]

In 2010, Ayotte Told the Portsmouth Herald: “I Don’t Think the Evidence [on Climate Change] is Conclusive.” In an interview with the Portsmouth Herald editorial board, Ayotte said, “there is scientific evidence that demonstrates there is some impact from human activities. However I don’t think the evidence is conclusive.” [Portsmouth Herald, 9/30/2010]

Ayotte Voted Multiple Times To Protect Tax Breaks For The Five Largest Oil Companies.Ayotte voted multiple times against legislation that would have closed over $20 billion in tax loopholes for the five largest oil companies. [S. 940, Vote 72, 5/17/11; S. 2204, Vote 63, 3/29/12]