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May 11, 2016 Press Release

ICYMI: Mockery of Kelly Ayotte’s “Support, But Not Endorse” Position on Trump Not Getting Any Better

Stephen Colbert Openly Mocks Ayotte’s Position: “She’s in Some Sort of Political Quantum State. It’s like Schrodinger’s Cat”

CONCORD – Kelly Ayotte’s announcement last week that she would “support, but not endorse” Donald Trump has continued to be widely mocked by the national and local media.

From The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

COLBERT: We’re all going to need thicker skin, because Donald Trump. Now that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, his fellow Republicans are slowly getting behind him, though some of them may be back there to push him down a flight of stairs. Because he’s gotten the support of some Party leaders like GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and Supreme Leader Smoke…But, other Republicans are conflicted.

CBS THIS MORNING CLIP: Some Republicans like New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte say they will support the nominee, but will not endorse him.

COLBERT: Yes, support – but not endorse. She’s holding multiple positions at the same time. She’s in some sort of political quantum state. It’s like Schrodinger’s cat, except that she would rather endorse a dead cat than Donald Trump…

From CNN:

But many lawmakers have been squeamish, to say the least…Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican facing a tough re-election battle, said she was late for meeting before darting off.

From the Boston Globe:

Senator Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican fighting for reelection who has said she will support Trump but not “endorse” him, walked briskly through the mass outside the GOP luncheon. Has she spoken to Trump since he clinched the nomination? “No, I have not,” she tossed over her shoulder.

From The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank:

Probably the most delicate in their Trump distancing are the most vulnerable Republican senators up for reelection in November. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) is a profile in parsing. “Kelly plans to support the nominee,” a spokeswoman explained. But she “isn’t planning to endorse anyone this cycle.”

From the Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh:

But my personal favorite is the Ayotte Evasion, named for New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

She’s supporting Trump — but not endorsing him.

Any port in a storm? More like: Any cop-out in an apocalypse.

From Bloomberg View’s Margaret Carlson:

Equally endangered is Sen. Kelly Ayotte, running against a popular governor in New Hampshire. She would make Orwell blush as she used synonyms as opposites. She will “support Trump but not endorse him.” That clears everything up.