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June 9, 2016 Press Release

Governor Maggie Hassan Unveils “Innovate NH 2.0” Economic Plan, A Granite State Roadmap for Fostering Business Innovation and Expanding Middle Class Opportunity

Innovate NH 2.0 Outlines Key Priorities Maggie Will Take to the Senate to Build on New Hampshire’s Economic Progress and Ensure that All Granite Staters Are Equipped to Succeed in the Changing American Economy

MANCHESTER – Today at SilverTech Headquarters in Manchester, Governor Maggie Hassan announced her Innovate NH 2.0 economic plan, outlining the policies she will focus on as a United States Senator to foster innovation, support job-creating businesses and expand opportunity for hard-working families.

Innovate NH 2.0 builds on the innovation plan that Governor Hassan first laid out during her 2012 gubernatorial campaign and has worked with members of both parties to achieve during her time in office. Under her leadership, New Hampshire froze tuition at state universities and lowered it at community colleges, increased and made permanent the R&D tax credit to help innovative businesses succeed and provided technical assistance to support growing companies. Maggie focused on these priorities as Governor while responsibly balancing the budget – without a sales or income tax – and managing the budget to a surplus.

“In New Hampshire, not only do we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, but we have shown that it is possible to bring people together across party lines to lay the foundation for a new generation of innovative economic growth, help companies create jobs and support a thriving middle class,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “It’s about time we see that same approach from Washington. This fiscally responsible economic plan outlines how we can build on the bipartisan steps we have taken in New Hampshire to solve problems, foster innovation and expand opportunity for hard-working Granite State families and small businesses.”

Governor Hassan’s Innovate NH 2.0 plan includes specific proposals in five key areas to ensure that hard-working families and small businesses have the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead: encouraging business innovation and growth; developing a 21st century workforce; helping middle class families make ends meet; building a cleaner, more affordable energy future; and fixing our roads, bridges and other infrastructure systems. The plan ensures fiscal responsibility by eliminating special tax breaks for Wall Street and Big Oil, ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share and holding accountable corporations and wealthy individuals who aren’t paying their taxes.

Washington has fallen short on these priorities in recent years as corporate special interests have rigged the system for themselves and against the middle class. In the United States Senate, Maggie will fight for the priorities outlined in her Innovate NH 2.0 plan in order to take on corporate special interests and get results for hard-working families and small businesses.

“These are common-sense, fiscally responsible steps that we can take together to continue strengthening New Hampshire’s economy, and I will roll up my sleeves and work with members of both parties in the U.S. Senate to build a future where all hard-working Granite Staters are included in our economic success and where parents can once again feel confident that each generation will have a brighter future than the last,” added Governor Hassan.

Read the full plan here.