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April 13, 2016 Press Release

Governor Maggie Hassan Statement on Senator Ayotte’s Sham Meeting with Judge Merrick Garland

CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement on Senator Ayotte’s sham meeting with Judge Merrick Garland today:

“Senator Ayotte has been clear that she is only meeting with Judge Garland to tell him in person that she won’t even consider his nomination – an act that is disrespectful to Judge Garland’s years of service on the bench.

“I am deeply disappointed that despite Granite Staters’ calls for the Senate to do its job and hold hearings on Judge Garland’s nomination, Senator Ayotte has once again chosen to side with her far-right party leadership and special interest backers in obstructing the Supreme Court confirmation process.

“The people of New Hampshire deserve better than a Senator who refuses to do her job and plays politics with justice for millions of Americans.”


Republican Senators Susan Collins and Mark Kirk Have Called on Their Colleagues to Hold Hearings, Consider Judge Garland’s Confirmation

Republican Senator Susan Collins: “The meeting left me more convinced than ever that the process should proceed… The next step, in my view, should be public hearings before the Judiciary Committee so that the issues that we explored in my office can be publicly aired and so that senators can have a better opportunity to flesh out all of the issues that we discussed.” (NYT 4/5/16)

Republican Senator Mark Kirk: “I think we should be doing our job…We need for a rational, adult, open-minded consideration of the constitutional process…” (LA Times 3/29/16)