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March 30, 2016 Press Release

Governor Maggie Hassan Statement on Donald Trump’s Anti-Choice, Anti-Women Comments

CONCORD – Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement on Donald Trump’s anti-choice, anti-women comments:

“Donald Trump’s blatantly anti-women campaign is dangerous for our country, and it is extremely troubling that Senator Ayotte continues to say that she’d support Trump if he is the nominee. But unfortunately, Ayotte’s continued refusal to condemn Trump’s candidacy is not surprising given that she and Trump are cut from the same anti-choice cloth, with Ayotte stating that Roe v. Wade should ‘certainly’ be overturned and repeatedly voting to defund Planned Parenthood.

“A woman’s right to make her own health decisions is a matter of freedom, and it’s also a matter of economics — I will always fight to protect that critical right. Regardless of political party, we all must stand up against Trump’s reprehensible attacks against women.”