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October 2, 2015 Fact Check

FACT CHECK: Kelly Ayotte’s Record of Representing the Koch Brothers Instead of New Hampshire

MANCHESTER – The out-of-state oil billionaire Koch Brothers and their network have spent millions of dollars supporting Ayotte, and since going to Washington, she has put their special interest agenda ahead of the priorities of New Hampshire’s families and small businesses. During her first four years in Washington, Ayotte voted with the Koch Brothers nearly 90% of the time, including repeatedly voting to protect special tax breaks for big oil companies.

FACT: Ayotte has benefitted from $1.2 million in spending from the Kochs’ organization Americans for Prosperity,  the Koch family and Koch PAC have contributed over $50,000 directly to Ayotte’s campaign, and David Koch hosted a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for Ayotte in 2015. And she’s had their backs in Washington, voting with the Koch Brothers nearly 90% of the time during her first four years in office. She even won an award from AFP as “conservative of the year” and told the group we need more dark money groups like them.

FACT: Ayotte sided with the Koch Brothers and repeatedly voted to protect special tax breaks for big oil.

FACT: Ayotte sided with the Koch Brothers and voted to eliminate $20 million for replacing the Memorial Bridge.

FACT: Ayotte sided with the Koch Brothers and was one of only 22 Senators to vote against a bipartisan highway funding plan that included funding for widening I-93.

FACT: Ayotte sided with the Koch Brothers and voted against funding to allow the federal prison in Berlin to open, drawing backlash in the North Country.

  • Berlin Mayor: “I Am Angered, Saddened And Mystified That Senator Ayotte Voted Against Creating 332 Jobs.” [Union Leader,11/1/11]
  • “Bipartisan Group” Of North Country Officials In Letter To Ayotte: “Your Vote Against This Vital Public Safety And Economic Development Project Was Alarming To Many.” [Berlin Daily Sun,11/10/11]

FACT: Ayotte also sided with the Koch Brothers over New Hampshire, voting with them against reauthorizing the Northern Border Regional Commission, which in New Hampshire, has helped fund programs like the North Country Cell Service Initiative and the expansion of the New England Ski Museum to North Conway. It has also helped support the promotion of tourism in the North Country, including Ride The Wilds.

FACT: Ayotte has sided with the Koch Brothers over New Hampshire on the environment. She voted with them to protect tax breaks for big oil, for an amendment that would “repeal the scientific finding by the EPA that greenhouse gases endanger human health and the environment,” and to permanently block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Ayotte also sided with them and voted for legislation the League of Conservation Voters said was “the greatest legislative assault ever on the environment.” It included the “virtual elimination of the Land and Water Conservation Fund,” a fund dedicated to preserving land and water sites across the United States.

FACT: Ayotte voted for the Ryan budget after the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity urged her to do so, which would “essentially end Medicare” and require deep cuts to vital programs like child care, Head Start, education, job training and Pell Grants.

FACT: Ayotte has sided with the Koch Brothers and repeatedly voted to repeal New Hampshire’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion that has expanded health care coverage, including for substance abuse treatment, to over 50,000 Granite Staters. The program is backed by the business community because of the health and economic impacts of the program and it has boosted New Hampshire’s community health centers across the state.