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September 29, 2015 Fact Check

FACT CHECK: Kelly Ayotte Puts Her Political Party Before Country

GOFFSTOWN – Kelly Ayotte’s hollow claims of bipartisanship are undermined entirely by her actual Washington record of putting corporate special interests and her political party before country.

FACT: Despite the judgment of national security and military experts from her own party who oppose Trump because he presents a clear and present danger to our national security, Ayotte has said “Yes, I do” believe Trump is the best choice for Commander-in-Chief.

FACT: Ayotte sided with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s partisan blockade of the Supreme Court confirmation process. Ayotte put partisan politics before her constitutional duties and was one of the first senators to side with McConnell’s obstructionism, after Trump had urged McConnell and Ayotte to “Delay, Delay, Delay.”

FACT: Kelly Ayotte has a long record of putting her corporate special interest backers and political party before country, including voting with the Koch Brothers nearly 90 percent of the time her first four years in office. She even repeatedly voted with them for the partisan Ryan budgets that would “essentially end Medicare” and require deep cuts to vital programs like child care, Head Start, education, job training and Pell Grants, while protecting tax breaks for big oil.